Urworld Global SIM Card

Urworld global sim solves your challenge of registering new sim card each and every time you travel which exposes you to a different rate of roaming charge.

Cutting-edge Solutions for Travelers

GlocalMe is a mobile communication service and solution, which enables international travelers to access mobile internet globally and further enjoy their online activities and voice in more than 120 countries without roaming charges.

Imagine being connected anywhere you travel to without bridge.

An integrated travel solution system like no other


Superfast 4G Internet Connectivity

GlocalMe intelligently switches to the best network provider where you are for the fastest and most stable connection possible.


Share Connection Between 5 Devices

Each GlocalMe device supports 5 simultaneous connections so you can share data with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Flexible Data Package

Depending on your itinerary, you can purchase data packages per destination or pay as you go.


No More Roaming Charges

Using industry-leading cloudSIM technology you no longer have to worry about carrying multiple SIM cards with you. We serve more than 140 countries or regions globally.


Worldwide Travel SIM

With Urworld Global SIM card. You roam like a local and save money which changes the way you communicate!


Tour Packages

Get amazing tour packages for all season to lovely destinations.

We can also tailor your vacation expectations.

We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of the global travellers, helping you remain on top of their game when it comes to travel experience.

Our travel solutions include  a Global WiFi solution that guaranty internet without border.

A global travel SIM Card that gives you same call rate internationally. 80% roaming charge off.

We also offer unbeatable tour packages across the globe, group travels, solo, couple and business trips.

Our unrivaled travel solution platform will boost your travel experience, save you a lot of money and time focusing on your travel itinerary.

Speak to a Glocalme team member today to find out how our Solution can help you work smarter.

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